Nagoya University’s WISE Program Graduate Program for Lifestyle Revolution based on Transdisciplinary Mobility Innovation

Role: Leaflet and flyers design
Client: Nagoya University’s WISE Program – Zenis
Year: 2022
Format (Both): A4, 4 colours

About me

I am Tsutomu Ishida, a graphic, web designer and web developer. I am currently in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

I started my design career late 90's in Tokyo. Since then I have worked for many types of clients and projects for graphic design, editorial design, web design or branding. After I moved to the UK in 2004, I devoted more to web design and web development. I have designed and developed many websites and newsletters as well, including CMS based sites such as Wordpress, Joomla or Shopify. And now I am very happy to provide design works, web development, direction and consulting services to my clients no matter where they are.

I have got great experiences to work creatively and fine techniques for both of websites and print as digital artwork. My creativity definitely came from the japanese aesthetics, which inspired me particularly through my home town's traditional Japanese festival experience (I still go back to Japan every autumn to join it there).

I am a freelancer. I can work very flexibly. I have worked in a team at design firms or media companies in the UK and Japan.

Tsutomu ishida: Born in Iwata, Japan. Started his design career in 1998. Lived in Wellington, New Zealand (2003-2004). Moved to North London in 2004. Arsenal season ticket holder, Jubilo Iwata life long supporter, public transport lover and father of one.

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